Castle Age (Facebook) game reviews

Castle Age is another Facebook gaming apps that I’ve been obsessed with ever since it makes its debut in the Facebook gaming world, around April/May 2009. It’s a RPG (role-playing game) sets in a fantasy world with territories above and underground, ruled by either good or evil rulers (some players claimed that it was more like World of Warcraft (WoW) in some aspect of role-playing). As a new game at that time, little do we (me and my gaming buddies) know about this game that makes us felt its a little bit complicated than the Blood games series that were way more popular at that time. If you have been caught in the Elven Blood madness in 2009, you will understand what I meant.

Just like Castle Age, Elven Blood is a RPG setup in a fantasy world where you can either be an elf, human or dwarf and questing along with your companions – the more the merrier! – to reach the destination of each quest, with the game siblings, Blood Lust (RPG as a vampire and questing with your companions to reach destination of your quest), City of Blood (RPG as a gangster!) and Skies of Blood (RPG as a fighter pilot).

Blood game series is one game that I actually went far to create some sort of an Elven Blood “profile” on the Facebook and compiling quest materials in a blog. However, my fun with the Blood games was short lived as the game developer The Royal East India Trading Company has been reported as spammer by non-gamers Facebook community. This is due to the fact that in Blood games, in order to generate more energy and stamina is as simple as sending games invitation to your friends. So, you can imagine how many Facebook users felt annoyed by the Blood games players!

Upon complaints, this is when they (the players and non-players alike) discover that The Royal East India Trading Company actually didn’t exist, or more like a one-man operation company. Therefore the poor developer was reported to Facebook, thus ending the Blood game series from Facebook abruptly (yes, we search all over Facebook to find these games back!). The smart developer then changed the name of all Blood games to a new one where Elven Blood becomes the Twilight of Dragons, and changed the location (url) of the game in Facebook too! To this date, you can still find the Twilight of Dragons on and off in Facebook, but don’t bother to bookmark it as the url will definitely be changed again! Word is – Facebook Platform Team is still looking out for any games that are operated by Patrick Shyu (the Blood series developer) in Facebook! That’s when I completely stopped playing these Blood games series, and started getting serious with Castle Age (CA). The Blood series later debuted to Twitter platform under the name – 140Blood, and still a huge success!

Truth be told, at the start of the game, we were so confuse with CA many features that we didn’t really know what to tackle first. We started to compare tips and advices in order to progress, and emailing the developer to ask for more information of this game (with no result). Most of us has already fall in love with the beautiful arts and images in this game (little do we know at that time that it was stolen from the real artist and the developer is in the risk of a lawsuit!). Then, the monster comes along, namely the dragons! CA began to take on more players than ever before! Suddenly, everybody starts sending dragon eggs that can enable you to summon your own dragon to defeat! However, the joy was short lived by the facts that you can’t beat your own dragon alone as it needeed at least 10 slayers (CA players) to help you defeats them. We began to see fled dragons everywhere!

This situation also saw the birth of “Add Me” groups in CA, with CTA (calls to arms) and RTF (return favors) words used widely in CA, and saw me creating my own Castle Age group that helps organizing monsters slaying and dealing with chain attackers in battles. In short, Castle Age, unlike any other games where you can progress nicely alone, will need you to socialize and cooperate more with your gaming buddies than ever! If you don’t talk or advertise, you won’t get help. If you post an attack link (directly jumps into a monster instead of help with building weapons) instead of a CTA link (calls to arms in building siege/attack weapon), you will be blacklisted (risk being post in groups that nobody should help you!). A true social-networking application!

Sounds fun and interesting right? So here is the gist of what exactly Castle Age is all about;

Main CA features

Game playing consist of 3 major features – QUEST, BATTLE, and MONSTER.

In Quest, there are 2 types of quest that required your energy to complete them. To unlock bosses or monsters to fight, you do the Main/normal quest.

CA Main Quest areas

To get more skill points, magic items and non-purchasable units, you do the Demi-Quest. While normal quest is unlocked by using purchasable units or items, Demi-Quest is unlocked by paying blessing to respective Demi-Power for every 24 hours. The best Demi-Power to start with is Azeron as he boasted the Sword of Redemption with the most highest Attack and Defend stats.

Demi-Quest: Choose Demi-Power to pay blessing & unlock quest

In Battle, you will be using your stamina instead and have a chance to engage in a PvP fight with other player by dueling (one vs. one) or invading (with your maximum clan of 501 members).

CA Battle Features

There are 2 types of points that you will be collecting in battles: Battle points and Demi points. Demi points are maximum to 10 points per Demi-Powers per day, while battle points are unlimited and enabling you to move higher in Battle Rank tiers. However, the more closer and lower you are to the ranks that you’re attacking, the more higher battle points that you will acquired. For example, the points collected for fighting: High General (Rank 15 – that’s me!) vs. an Earl (Rank 17) and a Duke (Rank 18), where both Earl and Duke is in Nobility Tier.

High General vs. Earl

High General vs. Duke

The advantages of advancing in Battles is, you will be able to unlock new soldiers, weapons and magic items that can’t be purchased elsewhere. As for the War Rank, the features is similar to battle, but you are required to use 10 stamina to duel instead of invading, and will be rewarded with War points.

CA War Ranks page

War points are also used to unlock new units and weapons, but with no upkeep cost like the units and weapons unlocked from the Battle Ranks.

Valor Knight and Archangel from Battle Ranks, while Barbarian Captain from War Ranks

As you can see, although the Seraphim Angel and Platinum Knights boast of higher attacks and defends stats, but they are very very costly!

Still in Battle features, Raid is actually a monster-fight like features where you have to defend your siege or castle and enlist helps from your friend by Calling to Arms (CTA). While Arena is once in a while features where the battles addicts get to fight with each other to get to the top and snatches up all the greatest loots ever offered by CA! The one shown below is Arena 2, where we use refillable Tokens instead of normal stamina like the first Arena. Yes, I’ve been to the first Arena too and was so stumped that they actually cut the date short by 2 weeks and so I spend my first credit card purchase on stamina just to climb to the last 2 ranks! Now, I can’t even get past Gladiator (time left in the Arena is less than 20 hours at the time of this post!) because of the limited Tokens that I acquired that was given out based on my levels, which are 170 tokens full at one time. For each battle in Arena, you need to use 10 tokens, so you do the math!

Arena 2 Ranks & Rewards

The third main features would be the most famous one, Monster summoning! There are now too many monsters to keep up and you just don’t know what to summon anymore! But the main thing you should know is, you are allowed to only summon one monsters at one time, and also allowed to do it while you have one Raid on at the same time. Time to summon again is set at either 36 – 72 hours after your last monsters, depends on the monsters type that you have summon previously (at the date of this posting, I’ve lost track of the monster summoning timer). But in order to summon your monsters, you need to complete their Ingredients in the Alchemy page, or unlock them from the main quests (Bosses fights).

CA Monster features, click "+" to see types of monster in your keep!

For each monster slaying, you will be either required to use only stamina or both stamina and energy. While stamina is used in attacking, energy is normally used in blocking, defending or crushing the monster’s armor. But in all monster fights, it’s wiser not to face your monsters alone, unless you really have huge stamina built-up that guaranteed to finish your own monster in no time.

Remember the skill points that you have collected while questing? This is where you will be dumping them if you’re going as a slayer or warrior – your stamina. But your stamina must comes with a very good attack points in order to actually deals more damage to the monsters. Defense point is only good if you’re going as a warrior, since you should be protecting your precious battle points by winning more battles than losing in order to rank up faster in the Battle Ranks.

The other Castle Age features that we have come to love are;

Heroes or Generals to use in quest and monster slaying. Examples shown are normal, collectible Generals, not the one purchased from The Oracle or the Chest.

CA Heroes or Generals - Normal/Non-purchase

Town is where you purchase your Soldiers (or units), Black Smith (weapons, gears and armory), Magic (magic items that you’ve acquired) and Land (all the land and properties you can buy to get more money).

CA Town Features

Oracle is the place to buy Favor Points (FP) with real credit purchase and give your blessings to 5 Demi-Powers, namely Ambrosia, Malekus, Corvintheus, Aurora and Azeron, in order to acquired Demi-points that will unlocked Demi-Quest and their powerful weapon gears.

The Oracle

Demi-Powers blessing page

Keep is where you keep track of all your Stats, Achievement, Elite Guard (friends that you enlisted to help you get more out of fights and quest), Alchemy (where you mixed all your ingredients to summon monsters, new generals or create a weapons).

CA Keep Features

My Stats page as on 9 August 2010

While battling or slaying, you should never forget to fill up your Elite Guard by clicking on the “Publish to Friends” button. Full Elite Guards guaranteed you to deal more damages to your enemies and monsters!

CA Elite Guards page

The best new feature in Castle Age is the “Live Feed” button right on the CA Home page where you can easily check which of your friends has their monsters or Elite Guards published. This way, you don’t have to wait in your Facebook Home page to help your friends!

CA Live Feed button

Beside being the biggest fantasy-theme game in Facebook at the moment, Castle Age is one of the most evolving games where the gifts, monsters and new features are being added constantly, and the developer of this game shares their news in this simple section right on your CA home page!

CA News features

There are also many support that will give you new updates to CA features, and even helps published your monsters like the Official Castle Age forum and Castle Age Wiki websites like Castle Age Wiki in Wikidot where new features are updated as soon as they’re out and in Wikia too where you can get any new info on this game easily.

All in all, I give this game a 5 Stars rating simply for their amazing arts, social networking at its max, and the developer’s effort to make this game more challenging and entertaining each and every moment!

Now, take a moment to listen to this YouTube video on Castle Age that I liked so much! and often used it to get the mood hype up during a battle frenzy or monster slaying parties! 😀
Warning: Contents possibly taken from Warhammer trailer, but with more amazing soundtrack!


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