Castle Age – Arena finally ends!

After waiting in a nervous state of anticipation (not really sure over what exactly :D), the Arena 2: Vanguard Arena in Castle Age finally ends today at 00:59:59 AM PDT (07:59:59 AM GMT) – after an extension of 1 hour from the actual deadline. My result? As expected, I can only managed up to Rank 4 – The Gladiator, and managed to obtain only 4 out of 7 rewards;

Swordsman Helm – fifth best helmet
Bonus: +3 Stamina when Shino equipped
15 Attack
15 Defense

Warrior Gauntlet – fifth best gauntlet
Bonus: +8 Attack to Shino
9 Attack
9 Defense

Hero Insignia – third best attacking amulet, fourth best defending amulet
Bonus: +8 Defense to Shino
20 Attack
15 Defense

Gladiator Plate – second best attacking armor, third best defending armor
Bonus: +1% crit when Shino is equipped
28 Attack
14 Defense

If the first Arena: Legends, was attributed to Zarevok, it seems Shino is the Heroes for the Arena 2. Not exactly sure why, as Shino didn’t have a particularly high stats and was only use in questing. But now, he seems to have way more battle gears than the other heroes!

Shino when equipped!

So, that’s it! I didn’t manage to get the Top 3 rewards which are the best in its fields;

Rank 5 – Hero
Reward: Whirlwind is probably a spell and would be the most powerful [Def Eff:36 – Atk Eff.40.5]

Rank 6 – Vanguard
Reward: Best new helm is the Vanguard Helm [Atk and Def Eff of 59.5]

Rank 7 – Alpha Vanguard
Reward: Best new soldier is Ragnarok with [Atk and Def Eff of 178.5]

Well, if only we could buy the Tokens instead of ‘begging’ for it from selected monsters and battles! Even some high stats CA players only managed to proceed to Rank 5 – the Heroes, because of the lack of tokens!

Until the next Arena, hopefully the developer will figure out how to reward us better! 😉

Castle Age - Arena 2 Rewards for Gladiator Rank


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