New Facebook Updates – Check your Friend List!

I’ve noticed that Facebook has made another new updates when I login from my mobile 2 days ago. The Status Updates box is no longer at the bottom, but at the very top. It’s like ‘shouting’ What’s On Your Mind? instead of asking politely. The notifications are displayed below the box and taking up the space of all your friend’s updates.

I don’t like it. I need to see what’s my friends are thinking before I start to post my status updates as I definitely didn’t want to appear insensitive over any issues that’s on my friend’s mind. Ironically, after scrolling down and read all the updates, I don’t feel like going up again and posted mine. This new position of the status updates box  managed to annoy me somehow, and forced me to login from the laptop instead.

No noticeable difference can be seen from the Facebook homepage, but I’m not convinced. When Facebook change or add a new feature, they always messed up with others.

There it was, all my Friend List are gone! Well, not literally gone as all the list are still in there. But none of my friend are in their list anymore. I can see the ‘Add to List’ box besides their names again. When I clicked on one of the list, it loading to nothing. I then created another list, and clicked ‘Add to List’ box beside a name again. Only 1 list showed up – the newly created list.

By now, I totally gave up. It might be a few days later for Facebook to fix this problem, just like with their other previous updates when they normally took up to 1 week for all users to share the same updated features. Hey, I know how it feels to start adding friends to any list again – from scratch, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of friends *sigh*

But for those who can, check your Friend List and make sure all your friends are still in their designated list. We don’t want any employers, parents or spouses to have access to all our Facebook details, aren’t we 😉

What are Friend List and where we can find it?

Friend List is a neat way to categorized all your friends, families, colleagues and buddies. With this Friend List features, you set your profile viewing and sharing preferences (in your Privacy Setting) not only defaulted to Friends Only or Friends of Friends, but according to your Friend List too. For examples, you can put all your bosses, managers and CEO in an Employer list and set them to view all ‘Things others share’, but not your ‘Things I Share’, by choosing customize. You can even set your desirable settings to ‘Hide this from’ and choose your Employer, so they are not able to see what you’re up to even if they are already in your friend list.

To create a Friend List, go to Account tab and select Edit Friends.

To set your privacy preferences, go to Account and select Privacy Settings. Click ‘Customize setting’ and after you’ve done, click ‘Back to Privacy’ and click ‘View Settings’. Make sure you change all the privacy settings from both pages.


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