Cityville (Facebook) Quick Tips & Guides

Cityville Level 50 (20101229)

Have you been playing any games on Facebook lately? There’s a new game application that really makes me addicted to the point that I’m playing on all my Facebook accounts just to gifting myself! πŸ˜€ It goes by the name Cityville, another game application by Zynga.

Cityville is developed with similar layout and game-playing such as Farmville and Cafe’ World, but this time you can built your own city! Now, how exciting is that? While it’s true we’ve been trying to built town and cities inside our farms, but the buildings and houses are not meant for large cities like in Cityville. Overall, its very addicting, easy to play, and not really a time consuming (unless while you’re remodeling your city!). So get creative and be a town planner!

This is not a review, just some tips and guides that I catch on while playing Cityville πŸ™‚

1. Add as many neighbours to visit and collect energy, and sending gifts. For first time visit to any new neighbour, you will get 3 energy, for every subsequent visits, you will get 1 energy (doesn’t matter if your neighbour is inactive). NEW* For new CV players, visiting new neighbours will gain you 10 energy + 500 goods + 10 XP for first time neighbour visit.

2. Do not add new decoration, houses or business without referring to Goal first as you will have to do it again, unless you have much money too spend!

3. Most goals offers energy, goods or XP (experience points), but some goals offers new business, community building, decoration, seeds or houses to unlock. Only do goals after you have running your city smoothly.

4. Unlock Charlieville by doing the Bakery goal (open Bakery business). Then run your train many times to Charlieville so you don’t have to select your friends afterwards (5 minutes train trip). NEW* Run train 3 times to Sam’s City to unlock Charlieville.

5. Gifts sending are reset every 6 hours so you can send them every morning, evening and nights. Neighbour visits are reset every 12 hours so you can only collect energy from your neighbours twice a day, but there is no neighbour limits to visit.

6. DO NOT do Cinema Goals unless you are rich already. Once your money reach 50K it will be consumed to unlock the Cinema and you will have to collect another 100K just to buy it back. After you have build your Cinema, you will be required to advertise to your friends by visiting them and sending Tour Bus to 20 of your friend’s businesses, in order to activate/start your Cinema. NEW* No more consuming your money for the Cinema goal.

7. DO NOT plow your withered crops, but let you friends revived them first for you. 5 minutes crops (Strawberry) will wither faster than 1 day crops (Corn) if you forgot to harvest them.

8. Any crop harvested, rent collected by your neighbours will not effect your income amount or goods. But if you’re doing goals for harvesting or shipping, then you will have to re-do them again once your friends have collected them for you.

9. Save and get more money by adding Empty Lots in your city. This way, your friends can build their franchises and you can collect the money from their businesses. They will supply the goods for you too!

10. Empty Lots – for friend’s business/ franchise. You can placed as many lots as you want depends on the number of neighbours you have. More neighbours, means more empty lots to place.

11. If you can’t get any friends to work for your in Community Building, buy only City Hall (as many as you can afford) to grow your population. This way, you will only have to hire 3 Samanthas for $3 instead of hiring 5-7 Samanthas and spend more $ with clinics or libraries ($2 to $4 for each Samatha). You can also unlock Museum where you will only have to ask for gifts to complete the building instead of hiring friends. Remember, the point of unlocking Community Building is to grow your population only.

12. To make your citizen happy, try a ratio of 1:2 for your population. Examples: 170/250 will make your City green or yellow with happiness.

13. Save more land! Community buildings and Franchise Headquarters don’t need any roads, so you can build them close together. Houses and business need roads to operate, BUT if you connect city sidewalk between your road and business then you can save more land (city sidewalk only used 1×1 plot while road used 3×3 plot).

14. Only build houses and plant crops that will gives you good collections. Examples: If you only play once a day, then build houses with 1-day rent collection instead of 1-hour collection. Do the same for your crops too.

15. Whenever you come into your city, you can see if your neighbours are visiting or helping out. Conserve your energy by collecting money from your businesses first, then only you Accept your friend’s help. This way the energy that you will get from their visits will not accumulated to your current full energy and get wasted that way.

16. City Expansion – the more bigger your city, the more Zoning Permits you will need to expand (the price for the permits will gradually increased from 20K to 25K – or more – from around level 50 to 56). To assure your friends can send you more that 1 Zoning Permit at a time, do this;

– 1) ask them to send from normal gifting page (free gifts)

– 2) put the Zoning Permit in your Wishlist and publish it to your profile, so your friends can click them to send you one FROM THEIR OWN Inventory. (this is NOT A FREE gifts).

– 3) click Expansion under Build, and publish to profile (free gifts where they will get one too!)

17. Collection – Sometimes you will get some items to collect from any business, rent or harvest you click in your city. Your Collection will be based on types of houses, crops or business. Once you have completed them, you can Trade In them at any time. Do Not trade unnecessarily unless you really need to use the Reward as some goals required rewards from your trade-in.

18. Reputation (the hearts that collects in the Red bar instead of Yellow energy bar that appears when you visit your neighbour) – Each level of Reputation completed will earn you some goods (for business). You will have 5 free energy to help your friend’s city, and get paid by money/goods AND Extra Bonus and Reputation Points.

19. Franchise (required one existing business to franchise) – Once you have decided to build your franchise, go to your friend’s city and click on their Empty Lots. Then wait for them to accept your franchise. Once they did, you will be informed of your new Franchise Headquarters in your Inventory (Free but need to build using energy). For every franchise that was accepted, your HQ will get higher per floor (1 franchise accepted = 1 floor higher: need to build using energy). You can then collect your franchise money everyday, but you also need to supply them with goods (to collect or supply, just click any of your HQ on the screen or click open the game Menu and select Franchises). REMEMBER, the more franchises you have, the more goods you need to supply them – prepare your storage and goods for the supplying. You can unlock new business for franchise according to your levels. If you accidentally remove your franchise building, you can find it back in your Inventory, but you will have to build the building back from scratch.

20. Community Building – Community building is used to grow your population. The first 4 Community Building unlocked – City Hall, Post Office, Police Station, Library, will need you to hire your friends as building staffs. The more expensive the building, the more staffs or materials needed to build it. Other building requires building materials – City Seal, Ribbons, Marbles and Gold Plating. Removing a community building will only affect your population growth, and in some cases makes your population unhappy (refer to population ratio in Tips#12).

21. You have around 5 limits to help your friends, and 5 limits to collect 50 coins from any of published visitsΒ  on your profile.

Cityville Level 35 (20101217)

Cityville Level 45 (20101223)

Believe me these tips will work! 3 days of playing and I’m at level 35 already. Now I’m at level 45! And at the date of this post, at level 50!

Happy gaming & building! πŸ™‚

aka Zazreen Zahovic

* Any new tips/ guides will be updated in Cityville (Facebook) – Game Updates later πŸ˜‰

Latest Updates: I don’t play Cityville anymore as the game play is kinda taking my life away, so I won’t be updating any tips for Cityville in here anymore, sorry peeps…


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  1. Brenna says:

    I used to be recommended this blog by my cousin.
    I am now not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else realize such particular
    about my trouble. You’re amazing! Thanks!

  2. I’m extremely impressed along with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is that this a paid subject matter or did you customize it your self? Anyway stay up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to peer
    a nice blog like this one today..

  3. budmic2 says:

    I cant build or move anything what can I do

  4. Amazing things here. I am very satisfied to peer your article. Thank you a lot and I’m taking a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  5. one of my neighbors had doubled up on her name in my friends list how can i remove her she is taking up room i could give to other neighbors i do not want to delete her but how can i remove her name from my neighbor list in cityville she gotten greedy and posted her name twice. Any suggestions please let me know.. i want to make room for others she is doubled in my neighbors list and it is the same screen so how can i remove it with out removing her in general she is listed twice.

  6. Susan says:

    I can see all of my friends land way out on my computer, but can’t see mine on my computer. how do I fix that? and is there a way to store things while you redesign your city plan like you could do in Farmville, it seems like. Main problem is seeing all of my City on my Pc.

  7. ruby says:

    i cant build or move anything… either an expansion i have enough money and zoning permit.. what should i do?

  8. Hi,if i miss the pier goal,what can i do?

  9. Johny John says:

    Hello all.

    I maked a little tutorial about cityville inventory / Wishlist BUG
    Items TROPHY AND JERSEY Cannot be deleted from inventory and you put 1 of them or booth in wishlist you will lose 1 or 2 slots.


    Dont forget to sign in guestbook

  10. maya cute says:

    my drop down menu of friends is not going to be load for many days and also i cant see the neighbours who visit my city plz help me

    • honeybhe nieva says:

      maya cute i have same problim on ur drop down menu of friends is not going to be load for many days and also i cant see the neighbours who visit my city plz help me…… plssssssss help. 😦

  11. Hey i am unable to view whole city… Though i’ve expanded my city… am unable to visit the expanded part of mu city… Pls help me…:(

  12. jenn says:

    Why are my vip gifts from the sailboat hotel not going into my inventory, last 4 days now??

  13. There are certain things i need to build things, such as my dam. But my husband says that when he tries to gift me what i need its not an option from his gift list. Why is this? Does he need to be at the same level as me or are we not looking in the right places?

  14. Linda J says:

    I made up an acct in CityVille so I could gift myself as you suggested and my name does not appear on the drop down list to send a gift so I can’t send myself any gifts. What do I need to do?
    Also, I have an active neighbor that sends me a lot of gifts but his name does not appear on my drop down list to send a gift to. What’s up with that?
    Thanks so much for your help!

  15. ane says:

    hi can any pls help me out…i jus started play cv a couple f days ago…fst i was able to buildin or daTcommmunity bulings etc..but nw wen i click d bulidin part dey tak out d money fOR DAT BUILDIN BUT M NT ABLE TO BUILT IT A STOP SIGN OCCURS OVER IT….

    • Linda J says:

      Make sure you are setting in on a green square. If you try to sit it where there is not enough room to sit it….there will be a red square around the bottom of it. Move it around until that square around the bottom of the building is green and then click on the building. The red stop sign will not be there. Hope that works for you!

  16. Ag says:

    WOW IT WORKED I Have Just Got 20000000 CV COINS AND CV 870 CASH FROM THIS SITE + 1000 energy ! h WOW !!! GO ON IT NOW !!!

  17. Eli says:

    I am in level 30 or so but I am creating a new facebook account and wants to delete the old one. I am just concern about how far i am in cityville. IS THERE A WAY TO TRANSFER IT??

  18. Pranam says:

    my Zyngna Gazette is missing. I can’t see it nor I can click it. Only land level is seen with ready to harvest. Can anybody help.

  19. magdolen says:

    I accidentally deleted energy from inventory, what do I do?

  20. Sara Louise says:

    i havent been able to build anything for days now cos everytime i click the ‘build’ button, nothing happens 😦

  21. Alex says:

    Hello. In last few days i have problem with CV. When i enter game i don’t see the entire cityville screen . I dont see quest on left and my inventory on right side.

  22. linz says:

    hi there i cant hire friends when i click on hire friends or ask friends the smaller box comes up and the the three blue lines just run through each other mo matter how long i leave it dont know what going on so i cant request train stops hire friends share wishlist etc?????? please help on verge of quitting fed upo with it cant play game properly help linzx

  23. Jackie says:

    I have a question. I am not able to move my city port. There is enough space for me to move it to a different location, the lights show green and it allows me to place it. The problem is that 2 seconds later a pop up message shows saying “Attempting to Connect to the Server. Please do not close the window” then I wait and another message pop ups saying “Error” and it refreshes and the port is back to its old position. At first, I assumed this was the game and I kept refreshing, restarting the computer, clearing the cache, but nothing works. I forgot about it and began doing other things around my city and I was able to do everything and had no problem with moving anything else. It’s been showing the “Error” sign only when I try to move the city port. It’s really bugging me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with the city port itself. Perhaps its an error with the object. Is there any way I could fix this?

    Thanks in advance:)

    • reannez says:

      Hi Jackie, I have the same problems to, but with moving some roads and sidewalks! After several tries and days the problems were fixed. I never attempt to remove my city port thought but I’ll bet it’s the game error…hopefully over the time they will fix the bugs as Cityville is no longer in Beta, and has become an increasingly addicting games for more people every day!

      Let’s hope for the best…cheers~

  24. Mark says:

    hi there… pls help me… everytime I open my cityville it will hang…. may i had a money of 73Million or I don’t know…. Pls… help me in this matter…

    • reannez says:

      Hi Mark, sorry I can’t offer much help here…but what kind of browser you’re using? Google Chrome is much more faster, but you need to update your Flash as sometimes they do asked for Flash upgrades (at least in my Firefox browser)….

  25. shazlin says:

    hi. i have one problem here. i added a franchise to my neighbour’s city. but apparently, due to internet lagging/problem, when he accepted my request, the pop up saying problem with internet connection and when he tried to refresh, my request just gone. the thing is, ive been trying to ask my neighbour to remove one of my franchise coz i want to change with another franchise, that guy who had problem before, cant find my store in his city so he cant delete that store.. and he;s like the only one still not remove the store. how do i solve this?

  26. emayracing says:

    Why can’t I hire the person who invited me to Cityville?

    She does not appear on my list – and I do not appear on her list (she can’t hire me either).

    We are neighbors in the game, we are friends on facebook.

    Yet, we are unable to hire each other for positions?

    Someone said it was a spam block thing, but I have sent numerous things to other people and their names don’t disappear.

    In this case, her name NEVER appeared in my lists, and I NEVER appeared in her lists.

    Any ideas?

  27. MW says:

    I want to staff my City Hall – but one Cityville Neighbor that I really want – never shows up in any of my lists. Other neighbors do – but one does not. I know she is Cityville – she can’t see me on lists and I can’t see her. We can see everybody else though. She’s not even on my friend list (and vise versa) – what’s up with that? Any ideas?

  28. Robin Williamson says:

    Is there anyway that I can send one of my neighbors multiple gifts at a time? He has done it for me before, but I can’t figure it out.

    • reannez says:

      Hi Robin, the only way I know of to get multiple gift is to do this at the same time:
      1. sending gifts via gifting page and (wait for your neighbours to return the gifts)
      2. asking for gifts – from building/goals pop-up window (publish to your profile and wait for friends to click and send)
      3. asking for gifts – from building/goals pop-up window where you will be directed to list of your friends name (select Cityville friends)
      4. Put the items that you want in your wishlist and publish to your profile.

      Other way might be through Gamer’s Unite gift link (or other that I’m not aware of). Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  29. Janine Wigmore says:

    Hi Reannez, I had to place a St Patricks park as part of a goal days after finishing this goal I removed the park to make room for something else then I discovered the goal was incomplete I went back to my inventory to place it again and it”s gone now I can’t complete the goal (I didn’t delete it) Is there any way to get another one? ps. I tried opening another FACEBOOK account using a yahoo e-mail and before I could finish I received a pop up forbidding me from doing it. I used a different e-mail & password is there a trick?

    • reannez says:

      Seems like you received your reward real slow….I noticed today the Cityville keeps asking me to refresh and reload my game, due to game enhancement. I hope they come up with stable version real soon…

  30. Mae Chapman says:

    Great guide! I am wondering if you can help me….I have franchises that have “A Friend’s City”, how can I find out which neighbors of mine this franchises are located? And on my neighbors list there are 12 neighbors with different levels with no names on it…what does that mean?

    • reannez says:

      Hi Mae,

      They have probably removed you from their friend list, but it could be a game glitch as well. To check on “A Friend’s City”, a sure way is to visit all your neighbours and check on each of their particular business to find out which one is yours (ex: for 4 burger joints that you’ve supplied, you should have 4 neighbours with your franchise) and take note on that.

      Recently, I just deleted those un-supplied franchises to make room for another. I want to see if their HQ gets shorter (LOL!) and if not, then maybe removing more and adding new ones can make mine taller perhaps? But no such luck since empty land is hard to find anywhere now 😦 Kinda unorthodox approach anyway πŸ˜€


  32. Beverly says:

    I have two neighbors that had franchises in my city, all of a sudden the names on the business’s changed to mine. I asked them what happened, they didn’t know, so I wrote to the head honchos, never got an answer. Today they are no longer listed as my neighbors, they were all morning, then this afternoon they just disappeared. I checked under “neighbors” they are no longer there. This all happened in about 48 hours. They don’t know what is going on…neither do I. Thanks for your time.

    • reannez says:

      Hi Beverly, have your problems solved yet? I couldn’t find similar problems to advise, sorry…

    • Vanessa says:

      One of my neighbours dissapeared too. But when she showed me her facebook I was still there, we can’t communicate through CityVille though… Don’t know how to fix it.

      • reannez says:

        Hi Vanessa, I have same problems with missing neighbours but only in the franchise list, sometimes they just show ‘A Friend’. And also in the neighbour list they just show ‘A Friend’ (with no profile picture) but I can still visit their cities and saw their profile picture in there! it still bugged me too, but not so much now…right now there are too many stupid bugs in the game, and I still want more than 30 energy refills for higher levels! πŸ˜€

        Sorry can’t help you much Vanessa, have a good day…

  33. Norocel says:

    Hy I have one question.How can I expend my inventory?When I`m trying to except gift from friendsit says ” Maximum number already in your inventory!” What can I do?I have over 39 gift and requests and I can t except them!

    • reannez says:

      Hi Norocel, recently Cityville has add a limits to gifts. For building materials, only 20 are allowed for each items while for zoning permits, only 60 are allowed. +3 energy also has been limited to 15 only.

  34. Brooklyn says:

    By helping friends that have posted they need items to complete a goal, Cityville’s reward is to give you that same item. They show up in my inventory but not in my goals. Does anyone know how to use them so I can complete my own goals? I have tried clicking on them but nothing happens.

    • reannez says:

      Sorry Brooklyn, I’m confused about that one as well…I gifted myself the items but still couldn’t finish the goals, it still needs to be click by friends…troublesome…

  35. Heather says:

    Hi there,

    I have neighbors I wish to delete, but when I try it just takes me to a white screen and nothing loads, game tabs are visible. Refreshed and it still won’t delete. Also How do you remove pending ones?

    Thanks, Heather x

  36. ck says:

    How come I can’t hire Cityville friends for my Visitor Centre? It keeps asking me to hire friends who are not playing Cityville..

  37. aries says:

    What can I do about this error ” saving your city, please do not close your browser”, it appears too often on my game and it reset my game progress to an earlier time. I have a good internet connection and I’m using google chrome. Hope you can help me. Thanks πŸ™‚

  38. lama sakka says:

    I have noticed that the visitor center only allows me to select non cityville players, however others friends have been able to select existing cityville players. How do I get that option?

  39. Renee says:

    When I play on my DH’s computer I don’t see the entire cityville screen – which causes problems when I open collections, franchises etc. It’s fine on my computer. Any advice?

  40. Janine Wigmore says:

    Hi Reannez, if you can’t finish building either move it or delete whatever is in front of it. If you go to “My neighbors” you can see peoples Wish Lists and you can send one after another. I am going to contact Zynga again to ask if they can do something about franchises we can’t supply because that particular neighbor is not playing the game. “How frustrating” I’ll keep you and your readers posted.

    • reannez says:

      Thanks so much for the tips Janine, do keep me posted!
      I will be sending message to Zynga to regarding the franchises reminders considering now it made my games hang while supplying yo franchises! *sigh*

  41. Janine Wigmore says:

    Hi Reannez, I contacted Zynga about my buildings I couldn’t finish building and I just had to move/delete the building in front of it. I also discovered if you go to “My neighbors tab it shows my neighbors’ Wish List and you can send more than one (all of them, one after the other) I meant to ask how to delete franchises from ghost cities but I’ll contact them again. I’ll keep you & your readers posted.

  42. Diane Attard says:

    hi, i have a little problem….. why is it that every time i play cityville on facebook, the goals wont appear on my screen?
    like this i wouldnt know what to do

  43. Hey, I have well over 20 Zoning Permits and I’ve only ever been offered an option to expand for cash/coins. I need to expand, but it’s taking so long to get the coins. I think at the moment they are asking for 42,000 coins. Do I have to reach a certain level first? Do I have to buy a certain number of expansions? I think I may have bought 8-10 expansions. Not many.

    • reannez says:

      You definitely needs more coins…try visiting smaller cities where the loading is much quicker, then either collect their rent or send tourist buses, but collect the reputation and coins quickly to get max bonus…you have like 20 times visit per day. Do it everyday to make the most money from your neighbours.

  44. Doris says:

    one of my neighbors disappeared and now I can’t add any. Am I doing something wrong?

    • reannez says:

      Your neighbour probably has accidentally removed you…try adding them back. If you can’t see their name in the Cityville player list, they may have their Facebook account blocked or disabled….or they have block Cityville (not playing anymore)….

    • Lois Starr says:

      I cannot add “pending neighbours” to my actual neighbour list, what is the trick? I too have had neighbours disappear only to show up on pending list which I have to respond to the tag and add them again. Why is that?

  45. Janine Wigmore says:

    Hi Reannez, it happened again I was building a middle school I was waiting for 1 more energy a window popped up and until I closed it I couldn’t click the last one. Closing the window made it so I could no longer finish building my school. Word your readers “make sure you have enough energy to finish the build.” I had to neighbors that are not playing and I have a business on each plot now I can’t supply my franchises. I read your advise to another reader “go to the My Neighbor icon and delete them so far it’s not working but I did discover you can send 1,2,3 or more gifts one after another plus the one a day. While I wait for your response I’ll contact Zynga.

    • reannez says:

      Hi Janine,

      Contacting Zynga and demanded on your problem is a good idea since it happened 2 times now. I have troubles with my goals/ Valentine icons not showing either until I have to refresh my games repeatedly. And often while playing they sent me a message saying ‘Cityville has been enhanced, please refresh…’ So I have to start over and wondering what will happen to my recently collected money that I haven’t click on yet. CV is still in Beta state so expect more bugs. By complaining I guess we can help Zynga improved the game to our preferences πŸ˜‰

  46. Janine Wigmore says:

    Hi Reannez, I was recently building a fire station when I left it to click on something else now of course I can’t click on it anymore is there a way to get rid of it so I can build a new one in it’s place?

  47. Justyn says:

    I can’t hire friends: I click the hire friends button, but it just shows loading lines infinity. I might quit playing because I had to buy Samanthas to work. Can’t place anything in my warehouse either.

    • reannez says:

      It might be the CV server, more people are playing nowadays caused it to jammed sometimes. Or simply congested internet lines. Try logging in from different PC or any place with good internet connection. However, I’m not so sure, but in my country this happened frequently. You can also check or ask question in the Gamer’s Unite Cityville forum for same problems.

    • Robin g says:

      I’m having the same problem. It says to type in the name – but then nothing happens. I cant hire anyone. I,too, might have to quit playing. I was just starting to have fun with it. Did you ever get an answer to the problem?

  48. Hunter says:

    I am in the middle of building my museum in Cityville. My friends have sent the materials to me, but for some reason, when I click the items in the inventory, nothing happens. The only options I have are to add the item to my wishlist, or delete them. Help!

    • reannez says:

      Hi Hunter, you cannot click those items from the Inventory, you have to click the Museum and see if every items has a big green tick under it, with a green box that says ‘Finish Building’. It means that your materials/ items is enough to build it.

  49. FORBMAN says:

    I accidentally removed my junior high that 6 positions were filled. i rebuild the junior high but when i go to hire my friends again theyre not there. can I get them back?

    • reannez says:

      This happened to me too…when I was building 2 community building at once and I can’t hire the same people or they’re not there anymore. So I wait for several days until I can hire them again. Try it and see if it works for you. Hope Zynga will fixed this stupid bug, not good for people with few neighbours…

  50. BlackRose110 says:

    My Strawberries never plow O_O

  51. Rose says:

    hi , i have accidentally deleted grey bunny from my inventory.. am in 30th level now..but still that goal i incomplete.. can some one help me pls.

  52. Andrea says:

    I am having a problem deleting “silent” players that are my neighbors. Also in my francise i have a person that i can’t find anywhere, how can i delete them? they go by “A friend”.. your help is greatly appreciated

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  54. Janine says:

    Hi, my headquarter doesn’t have the word “Supply” it was there but know there is just “collect” is there another way to supply my franchises? Why can’t I move my boat house over? there is useable land.

    • reannez says:

      Hi Janine,

      If your HQ doesn’t have the word ‘Supply’, it probably means that the City where you’re supplying to didn’t collect on their supplies yet, thus you don’t have to supply it for the time-being.
      To move your boat house, you need to sell all your boats first, only then you can move your boat house to another port….

  55. pot says:

    Hi, can anyone help me if there is still anyway to place empty lot where I already exceeded the maximum slot..? thanks

    • reannez says:

      Hi pot,

      Exceeded the maximum slot means your City cannot support any more business for its current population. Try building more houses and community buildings to get more people in. Hope this helps!

  56. aries says:

    I accidentally deleted my zoning permit from the inventory, can I possibly take it back?

    thanks πŸ™‚

    • reannez says:

      Hi aries,

      Whenever you clicked the ‘x’ marking in your Inventory to delete an unused items, a dialogue box will appear to let you know how many items you want to remove, in your case the zoning permits. If you have select all your zoning permits, then you won’t get it back. So you have to start collecting them again….

    • aries says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚
      I learned a lot about Cityville just by following this forum

  57. Ronald says:

    Are there any other way to earn Ribbons and Marbles aside from getting those as gifts or buying them with CVcash?

    • reannez says:

      Hi Ronald,

      Yes, you can open another Facebook account and gifting yourself, or you can try finding for more tips & tricks in Gamers Unite website. It’s easy, just allowed the application and login with your Facebook account. You can also get Farmville (if you’re playing) very cool snagbar! πŸ˜‰

      • Linda Laipply Johnson says:

        I did that but my name does not appear on the drop down list when I try to send myself a gift so I can’t gift myself. What do I need to do?
        Also, I have a very active neighbor that sends me a lot of gifts and his name does not appear on my drop down list to send a gift to him. What’s up with that? Thanks for your help!

  58. Tom says:

    How do you become Mayor so you can open up the businesses on the water? I’ve made it to level 19, I’ve done 3 expansions, I have a population of over 1,000 and I’ve opened almost every home, business, and community building needed.

  59. lance says:

    Thanks for this forum! I am level 51 and noticed that I cannot gift Ribbon and Marble? Is the only way to get these items is by buying them with Cash from now on? Or receive it as a random gift from a neighbor that is lower in level? Kinda sucks as I cannot let them know that that is what I am looking for? Any insights?


    • reannez says:

      Hi Lance, you’re welcome πŸ™‚

      There’s 2 things I did to get my Ribbons & Marble;
      1. By putting it on my wishlist, published it and asked my friends to click on the link to send me some.
      2. By opening another Facebook accounts, to help with my gifting, zoning permits, reviving dead crops and be my community building staffs. This is the best option to get everything you want in Cityville, at lesser time too! πŸ˜‰

      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

      • lance says:

        That’s what I thought…I just opened another facebook account and that will help..

        Thanks again!


  60. Lois Lester says:

    I am having trouble getting the necessary items out of Inventory to finish my Grade School Building on Cityville Face Book. I have all 5 items in the Wish List, and only one or two have a gold check mark under it. My neighbors have sent me Building Grants and the other items needed, but somehow….it isn’t being applied to finish the building. They are in inventory. I have x’d some of them which put them in a different slot. What can I do….to get my School House built? Have I goofed up something?


    • reannez says:

      Hi Lois,

      Until you have ALL the items needed for the School Building, only then it will be used to build it. Otherwise, the items will continue to stay in the Inventory. Update your wishlist daily with those needed items and publish it to your profile. Ask your friends to visit your profile and click on it. Refresh/update your wishlist (once your friend click on the wishlist, the item will be removed from the list) after you’ve seen it empty. Do it repeatedly until all items you needed for the school has green check mark under. Only then, you can click Finish and get your School.

      Hope this helps!

  61. Karla says:

    When u say place an empty lot at a neighbors location… how do you do that?

    • reannez says:

      Hi Karla,

      When you visit your neighbours, always looking all over their city for an empty lot. Chances are they might place the lots there but not published to their profile. So when you see one, you click on that empty lot and choose what type of business to franchise. Choose one with lots of income but lower goods to supply. Click on that business and it will take you back to that empty lot, this time with a business building to place. Double click on that empty lot, once you see a green box that means it’s ready to be placed. After you placed your business building, a box will open that let you post to your friend’s profile, just put “Please accept my franchise” and click published. Then you wait for your friend to accept it. If they never accept it (your franchise building will not be ready or not growing any higher), means they already accepted someone else’s business…or you can keep sending them ‘Reminders’ from your Franchise menu.

      To check more empty lots, invite more friends to play Cityville, add them as neighbour, and visit them (to check for empty lot) once they’ve approved your neighbour request. The faster you are, the more secure your business with them. Otherwise, others will get the empty lot first…

      Hope this helps! Have a great day πŸ™‚

  62. Tmg121970 says:

    I am trying to expand my land and I have all but one permit. Is it possible to use the permits in my inventory and only by the one in order to have all the ones I need? If not, do I have to wait until I get all the ones I need before I can take them out of inventory to use?

    • reannez says:

      Hi there, you have to wait until your permits (and money) are enough for expansion. Otherwise, it will sit in your Inventory like nothing happens…Once they’re enough, they will still stay in your Inventory until you’ve decided to expand by clicking the Expansion icon in the Build menu. Only then you will finally use your permits (and they will be gone from your Inventory).

      Happy building! πŸ˜‰

  63. Caela says:

    Hi there, I have asked a few of my friends to staff my police station and emergency clinic however my friends cannot see my requests, yet they’ve seen, and accepted other neighbours requests for their police stations etc etc without any issues. When I press the “hire friends” button to try and hire them again, their names do not appear in order for me to select them, it’s so frustrating…why would this be happening? Fingers crossed you can help. Thanks in advance!

    • reannez says:

      Hi Caela,

      I’m not sure what has happened there, but you can to try add as many of your friends who’s been playing as neighbour, then try hiring them again using the Cityville tab. It might be that they’re already hired with different position in that building.

      I’ve notice though that some of my supposed Cityville friends in that tab aren’t actually playing Cityville. Probably Zynga just added them there to make the impression that I’ve more friends playing. If that’s the case or the problem persist, you can browse through the Cityville forum (below the game) to find solution for similar cases or you can lodge a complaint to Zynga. Their reply will usually takes 2-3 days if it’s indeed a glitch.

      Hope it helps!

  64. Thanks for the extensive guide and tips.Players need this tips to play Cityville.

    • reannez says:

      Thanks CityvilleGuide, most of these are merely from my experience when trying this apps out. But as Zynga constantly changed their game features, some of the tips might get obsolete pretty fast, lol

  65. kelly says:

    I am not 100% on this but am pretty sure that the 5 min strawberries do NOT wither, at least as far as I can tell. I planted some and left them overnight and they were fine when I went back hours later, I have done this to test it now a few times so unless it is a glitch they don’t wither that I can tell.

    • reannez says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Now that’s a good piece of info. I was wondering myself why I keep seeing those strawberries fields on some high-levels-neighbours farm as it wasn’t a profitable or storage wise choice to have at their levels…I’ll check and update the tips later!

      Have a good day πŸ˜‰

  66. ESP says:

    how can i get zoning permit?
    need it to expand my land

    • reannez says:

      Hi ESP,

      The easiest way to get Zoning Permits is to have as many friends playing Cityville so they can send you one. Once you have that, you can follow these tips to get 3 zoning permits from one neighbour (if you have 4 good Cityville neighbour, 3×4 = 12 zoning permits).
      – 1) ask them to send from normal gifting page (free gifts)
      – 2) put the Zoning Permit in your Wishlist and publish it to your profile, so your friends can click them to send you one FROM THEIR OWN Inventory. (this is NOT A FREE gifts).
      – 3) click Expansion under Build, and publish to profile (free gifts where your friend will get one too!)

      • Benjamin says:

        I need help… I can’t finish building my school.. I have ppl who have sent me some of the things that i need and now i cannot use them from my inventory.. Why is that? They just sit in there and there is no way that i can tell that will let me use some of the things like zoning permits and stuff like that.. if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated

      • reannez says:

        Hi Benjamin,

        The items you need for schools and other community buildings will continued to stay in your inventory until it’s sufficient for the building. To check that, click on your unfinished school building and check whether the items are enough. If it shows a big green tick under each building material (city seal, ribbons, gold plates etc.), then you click Finish Building. Your school will be completed. Otherwise, click Ask for Help under items that you still needed to ask for more from your neighours. You can also put your building materials in your Wishlist and published it to your profile.

        For Zoning Permit, it fall under Expansion in the Build menu. If you have enough money and permits for expansion, the amount under the permits will be shown in green that means you can click on that amount and choose which part of your city to expand. Select Yes once you’ve satisfied with the location of expansion. But if you don’t have enough money OR zoning permits, the expansion will be in the state of Unlock (the amount in grey color).

        Hope this answers your question, have a good day!

  67. I’ve been following your blog since you started. You have made amazing progress. This site is an inspiration for all pursuing a long transition versus the big chop.

    – Rob

  68. Graham says:

    Hey why is it that i cannot get recent apps l have played to bookmark ?? older games l have played are bookmarked but not newer ones ? Thanks if you could help me

    • reannez says:

      Hi Graham,

      That one I have no idea ever since they changed Facebook to new layout. I’ll ask around see if I can find anything new. I have no problem with the bookmarks though as they seems to auto-bookmarked themselves nowadays. Just click ‘More’ (below the games bookmarked list) on the right hand-side of your homepage to see more games there.

      Good luck!

      • Graham says:

        thx for the info reannez but still no luck getting games to bookmark.Is there anyway of resetting my profile somehow ?

        thx for your help

      • reannez says:

        Hi Graham,

        I’ve been looking for the bookmarks solution but the only explanation I found is here, sorry man, I really hate this new FB setting as well! We have no way of controlling our personal info from the Application Developers like we used to do. So beware when accepting or authorizing new application from an unknown developer, it might be an attempt to steal our personal info…

  69. Bez says:

    Hi..why is it that i already franchised three different businesses and yet i only got one headquarters? Thanks if you could help me 😦

    • reannez says:

      Hi Bez, have you check into your inventory yet? or have your friends accepted your franchises yet? If they haven’t then your franchise will not be opened…

  70. aiko says:

    hey i’ve got a question.. I placed a burger joint franchise in Sam’s city but well, burger joints just aren’t that great for a franchise/business!! I don’t think there’s any way to remove the franchise in her city but with your experience maybe you’d have a solution? :z I’d very much like to change it to another franchise.

    • reannez says:

      Unfortunately, burger joint franchise in Sam’s city is like a requirement to complete your first franchise goal. There is no way you could remove that franchise, but it’s much better than a bakery where you will get only minimal income compare to a burger joint. If you have other business to franchise, you can unlock them accordingly to your level. Just forget about that first franchise…I started with a burger joint too, now I have 4 other franchises. The trick is how to expand your franchises. Visit your neighbours frequently, especially new one, and check their empty lots. Book that lot and publish to their profile so they’ll know you’re serious about your business.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  71. Carl says:

    Thanks this was a big help!

  72. Chrisy says:

    Thank you for this great guide/help post. Its useful, I didn’t realise that you could use side walks instead of roads to connect to buildings, even though I had noticed other people using them. So just spent a while re-modelling my city and got loads more room thanks :D. The tip about the empty lots is very very helpful as well, both for myself and my friends just hope they would put some up now hehe. Again thanks and great post.

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