Castle Age – Arena Season 3: Annihilator

To all brave Warriors of Castle Age, welcome to Arena Season 3: Annihilator! For this season, the Arena starts on January 5th and will end on January 26th. In this arena, you’ll have only 20 days to rank as Top Annihilator in random guild-like battle among other fierce Castle Age warriors, so be prepare as this is the most tough Arena so far!



Arena Season III will be done in a Guild Battle format. However, unlike guild battles, you will be placed on a randomized team depending on your rank. Two teams will battle against each other in a 1 hour battle. You will be placed randomly in one of the four towers created. Each team will consist of a maximum of forty (40) members, with ten (10) members in each of the four gates. If there are less than 40 members on a team, the team shall be distributed evenly amongst each gate (e.g. 36 team members will result in 9 members in each gate). Each team shall be comprised of individuals within the same Arena Ranks as you. You will also be matched against an opposing team of similar strength.
Your Class for an Arena Battle is determined by the one selected within the Character Class page at the beginning of the Arena Battle. You CANNOT change your Class for the current battle once it has started. However, you can change your Class and have it take effect on the next Arena Battle. Also remember to set your Class Ability from the Character Class page.


– Each action in the Arena Battle will require the use of Arena Tokens
– You will be provided a full charge of Arena Tokens at the beginning of each Arena Battle
– You will recharge an Arena Token every 5 minutes
– An Arena Battle will start every two hours on the hour and you will be placed onto a team with other participants based on your Arena Rank (1 hour of battling and 1 hour of waiting)
– Win battles within an Arena Battle to earn Arena Points
The battle portion of an Arena Battle lasts 1 hour or until all players on one side are below 200 health (sufficient to hit your enemy below 200 health, not necessarily to Zero health)
– If either team is unable to eliminate all other players on the opposing team, the winning team is the one with the higher percentage of members still above 200 health
The Arena Battle must be over in order for you to collect your reward whether that means all members of the opposing team have been eliminated or the time limit has expired
– You will have up until five (5) minutes prior to the start of the next battle to collect your reward
You must collect your reward during the collection period to be awarded your Arena Points
– If you do NOT collect your reward within the collection period, your Arena Points for that particular battle will be forfeited
– Members of the winning team collect a 25% bonus to their Arena Point total for that battle (e.g. win 1000 Arena Points within an Arena Battle; reward is 1250 Arena Points)
– Members of the losing team receive a 25% detriment to their Arena Point total for that battle (e.g. win 1000 Arena Points within an Arena Battle; reward is 750 Arena Points)
– If the winning team defeats the opposing team within 30 minutes of the start of the Arena Battle, the winning team will receive an additional 10% bonus to their collection of Arena Points (e.g. win 1000 Arena Points within an Arena Battle; reward is 1350 Arena Points)
– Your rank is based on the number of Arena Points relative to all other Arena participants
– At the end of each day, you will be awarded a rank relative to all Arena participants
– Your current rank at the end of the Arena season will determine your final rank and your rewards
– You will receive rewards for your rank as well as all ranks below it
Minimum level to opt into the Arena is level 50
Add Reinforcements for additional bonuses in Arena. Each Reinforcement bonus will last for 5 days.


– Bonus 1: +5 Total Bonus Damage!
– Bonus 2: +10 Total Bonus Damage!
– Bonus 3: +20 Total Bonus Damage!
– Bonus 4: +50 Total Bonus Damage!

Additional Information:


Started from January 4th, the Cleric Balancing was introduced. In Guild Battles (including Arena) Clerics now only cast Heal on non-stunned team members.


Arena S3 Rewards

Rank 1 – Brawler (Top 81 – 100%)
Brawler Gloves 8/8

Rank 2 – Swordsman (Top 61 – 80%)
Swordsman Battlegear 10/15

Rank 3 – Warrior (Top 41 – 60%)
Warriors Blade 30/19

Rank 4 – Gladiator (Top 16 – 40%)
Gladiator Pendant 30/26

Rank 5 – Hero (Top 6 – 15%)
Heroic Inspiration 25/20

Rank 6 – Annihilator (Top 3 – 5%)
Vanguard Doomhelm 45/45

Rank 7 – Alpha Annihilator (Top 0 – 2%)
Gehenna 110/110


Choose your Character Class wisely. You can set your character from your Guild’s Management panel, in the Character Class tab.

Character Class

You can also equipped yourself with additional ability that you have acquired so far while playing Castle Age.

Character Class: Add Ability

Class Upgrades
The Class Upgrades are special skills and abilities acquired in your journeys in Castle Age. When you equip them onto your character class, you will gain new and exciting benefits, including new options when battling alongside your Guild!


How to equip an ability
Once you have opened this equipping menu, click on an ability that you wish to equip below and click on the SAVE button. The selected ability should then appear under the class upgrades section of your class whenever you visit to class selection page in the future.


Changing your Class Skill
If you currently have an ability equipped and wish to equip another ability, enter the equipping menu and click on the equipped ability once. This action will deselect your ability, allowing you to select a new available ability to equip. Click on SAVE to finalize your change.

Now, armed yourself for victory! To the war, Castle Age Warriors! 😀


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4 Responses to Castle Age – Arena Season 3: Annihilator

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  3. nileor says:

    everywhere i look there is nothing about the the points needed per level for each rank in arena 3. can some one fix this, and thanks for finally letting us know what team we play for in arena 3 when we enter battle, but it still stinks i have to hit a player 50+lower than me to actually have victory unless i hit weakened player, this area sucks as if im the only one hitting opponents and i get raped for 25% less due to not having enough players on my team, its not fair. please go back to one on one players for arena 4, thanks, i will say i like Castle age the most of FB games.

    • reannez says:

      Hi Nileor,

      Yes I agree this Arena is NOT FAIR at all. You can buy Tokens now and that means any rich CC CA players can easily ranked up by buying those tokens!! The 2nd unfair thing is, even if you fight like crazy but you won’t win if your team does nothing… (which they have to during their sleep time!) The 3rd unfair thing is, you can’t even arrange a strategy chat between your Guild members as the enemy also in that chat room!! I was tempted to say “I would weakened someone and others please just stunned them”, but I can’t as then I would easily be the enemy’s target. One other thing I found out is, I often check the Attack Log to find active opponents and realize that the logs only shows Stunned activities. Which means if you keep your opponent over zero health, they wouldn’t notice you as a target, unless they walk through the gates and found your suspiciously high activities, lol!

      But I’m still hopeful…checking on my opponent’s weapons I still have the best weapons from those 2 previous Arena, compare to theirs 🙂 So best of luck to both of us!

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