Castle Age – Arena Season III Updates

After entering the Castle Age’s Arena S3 for 3 day, I’ve decided that this is the Arena for the rich & 24 hrs-online-warriors! Why? Let’s take a look at few assessment and personal opinion of this 3rd Castle Age Arena.

1. We now can buy Tokens as it comes at 5 favour points each at the Oracle page. If you’re a rich warrior, then this Arena is definitely for you!

2. Joining each battle in Arena will required 20 stamina.

3. Your guild still can win the battles by stunning the opponent until under 200 health.

4. There’s not much different in stunning or weakened your enemies, so I prefer the 2nd option as it will save my tokens for more enemies, and probably win the battles for my guild.

5. You can choose what time to join your battle, mine is to finish my 10 tokens at the first 5-minutes for some low health opponents, then joining back again at 30-minutes left and look for troublemakers or half-weakened enemies, and finish them off.

Castle Age Arena: Rank 3

6. I’m not sure how many experiences is required to rank up but my bet is that it will be increasing with your ranks. I’m at Rank 3 now and after 2 battles I’m still not getting anywhere near Rank 4.

7. Once you’re in the Arena, you cannot leave. Your Arena experience will be deducted if your guild lost the battles. But I’m not sure if you didn’t joined up any battle after you sign-up for the Arena, will it effect your 25% Arena points lost as well? That one we probably need to ask those who have opt not to battle in the Arena anyway….

(20/01/2011 – after not being in the Arena for a few days, I’m still at Rank 3 with same amount of Arena points. Means, if you stop it will not effect your Arena Points. Cheers on that!)

8. For the Guild Class upgrade, somehow you can only use one ability at one time for this Arena season. This features will probably be available to us later.


Class Power

If you take a look at Alchemy page, you will notice a new tab named Class Power. Now I don’t come into any information for these items yet, and it still not up in Castle Age Wiki, so my guess we will get those 1st and 2nd items from some new monsters to create the 3rd  items. Let’s be patience for now, shall we? 😀


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