The 10 Commandments for Castle Age Players

When I first read these commandments, I was thinking, “This is what Castle Age players need to practice!”

As a former co-creator and High General of War Division in one of  Castle Age group, I knew how hard it is to organize attack events, monster slaying parties or handling complaints regarding excessive attacks and monster taggers. So, before you get into Castle Age today, read this 10 Commandments, compiled neatly and informatively by Ulysse Odysseus on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 9:52pm

When you’re entering a monster battle, even more when it’s a next gen (2 bars, monster health + fortification/dispel/party health) you have responsibilities. More than that, as a Castle Age player, you’re part of a network of players, thus having even more responsibilities.

Don’t be the sand grain that turns a wonderful machinery into chaos. FOLLOW THE COMMANDMENTS


Read. Read. REAAAAAD !

Ever noticed that you can actually chat in a monster battle ? Guidelines from the summoner and other knowledgeable players may refresh your memory of the following rules.

2 – CALL TO ARMS (aka CTA).


IF the summoner hasn’t EXPRESSIVELY requested to not CTA, use and abuse of this button !


Watch the party health.

If the party health goes below 60-75%, stop hitting the beast ! First, you’ll decrease even more the party health – Second, you are WASTING YOUR STAMINA for minor damages, reduced by the low party health.


You have chosen to be Cleric, Mage, Rogue, whatever. Assume it. When it’s time for you to heal, deflect, cripple, strenghten, DO IT ! In the meantime, save your energy waiting for this crucial moment.

Do your job.


They’re not here to decorate the boss picture with nice fireworks. It is MANDATORY TO LAUNCH THEM. This is even more the case with the latest world-epic-boss monsters. You won’t take the beast down without them !

Easiest way: answer your own Call To Arms.

Launch the Weapons.


Watch your Facebook wall. The largest your army, the higher the chances are it is filled with other players Call to Arms. Assist them, they will probably be happy but they will also assist your own Call to Arms.



Be polite. If someone assists on your Call To Arms, he granted you with a favor. Return The Favor ! RTF ! Check his wall and assist back on his CTAs.



If you’ve followed commandment n°1, you may see people you’ve never seen before leaving odd links in the chat. They have just granted you a favor ! Be polite! RTF ! Copy-paste the link in your browser address bar, write down the #th and specify “Favor returned from xxx”. Ideally you could leave the CTA link as well, resulting in even more people assisting on your monster.

That would look like

##th – FR from [link to your monster]

RTF more.


Taggers are people who join in a battle. They hit a little. Decide to go elsewhere. AND THEY OCCUPY A SLOT FOR NOTHING.

Slots are limited to a small number per level brackets. 20-45 slots max. If 5 out of 20 slots are occupied by taggers, that means 25% more work for other players. Sometimes it’s just impossible to cope with. Time is limited, and due to taggers, more and more bosses and monsters are failing.

Don’t be a tagger. You wouldn’t like that your own Azriel fails. Don’t do this to others. Don’t be an a$$. DON’T TAG.

Taggers are red.


Identified taggers have to be warned. Maybe it’s just a lack of knowledge, maybe they just pulled out the credit card each time they were in a situation and they’re running out of cash. Don’t care. Warn them via chat or via message once, maybe twice, that duty’s calling and that they’d better do their job.

If there is still no reaction, no need to be polite anymore. Get their attention. Chain them to death as long as it needs to make them understand their responsibilities. Period.

Taggers have to be chained. Twice.

Edit: Chaining has to be used with caution. Chaining someone for free could lead to a ban after the angry tagger starts to report you and exchange of hate mails… Now that this warning has been made, here’s how to proceed, ONCE YOU’VE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE:

Click on the tagger’s name – proceed to his keep – choose duel or invade – attack until he’s dead – repeat as long as necessary to get his attention: hate mail, complains, whining.

If there is still no reaction, chances are you’ve found a bot. Report that user to the devs / forum admins (you need to be registered):

If you follow these commandments, there’s no reason for monsters to fail, and Castle Age can again be a fun place to be.

Ulysse Odysseus {WEW}


Acronyms and definitions:

PRTF: please RTF

RTF: return the favor

FR: Favor returned

NFRN: No FR Needed

AA: Already assisted

Tagger: Someone who occupies a slot for nothing.

That’s mean having reserved that seat and not joining…
… when you know there are bazillions of player who hadn’t the chance to enter.

Please verify first if – 1 – he’s a real tagger and not someone invited by the summoner as a backup just in case if needed – 2 – Someone who just fucked up his entry in the battle (0 damage) because having no stamina when trying to enter.

Chaining: chain attacks (duels or invasions) on someone (a tagger) until he’s dead (health down to zero, too weak to battle).

Note: Thanks to Ulysse! I don’t have anything to do with writing these commandments other than follow them faithfully for the spirit of Castle Age! 😀


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2 Responses to The 10 Commandments for Castle Age Players

  1. Leannda Meadows, aka, Shadow Reign says:

    I would like to thank you for posting the 10 Commandments of Castle Age, however informative I can not say that I understand all the particulars of the Commandments. I do have to apologize for not being website literate and the things you have informed us to do is way above my comprehension. Now I’m afraid to join in any of the Battles for fear of breaking any of the commandments. I do not have a large army and I use the CTA as often as possible. I just don’t know how to link or tag the CA armies. I apologize for my own ignorance……

    • reannez says:

      Hi Leannda! Don’t apologize for trying to play the game like you used to it. To me the Commandment is just a guideline, pass on from players to players so they can have a clean slay. It doesn’t matter if your guild is small, doing the CTA as much as you can and advertising your monster’s links to any monsters that you’ve help will also helps. Try also to make alliances with monster slayers groups out there. They will come and help if there’s any monsters on verge of running away. Try W۞C WL Rapid Response Group, a branch group that doing all the CTA for Warriors of Corvintheus {W۞C}.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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