Down With Flu So I Made My 1st Video!

Last week has not been a good week for me. Been busy with work made me kinda restless and started to join some after work activities, as usual. Too bad I picked up ‘learn to swim’ on Monday, when the weather is still in its monsoon change season (somehow my catalyst for flu or fever over the years). It was a good dip, long hours soaking in the pool, and not learning how to swim exactly, but listening to some good live band from the nearby Waikiki bar. The next day, I started to sniff…great! Just when I’m about to go for my boot camp replacement on the evening!

Oh yeah, I’ve taken up some boot camp session since last November, with Chief’s Original Boot Camp. 3 times a week for an hour each, at 5.45am in the morning. It’s tough but it’s kinda addicted, so somehow I signed up again till next March…good news is, my forever migraine is like cured after a month, amazing isn’t it? But that’s another story 😉

So I did go for my boot camp, and spent my next 2 days MIA from work. Flu followed by some coughing so here I was updating all my social networks web and links with brand new background and avatar, and made my first video of some of the events that I joined with Budget Travelers in 2010 and 2011! Oh yeah, will blog about those events too, hopefully all in a good time. So here is my video, enjoy it!

Remember, if you’re traveling in KL, just RSVP to one of their events and let’s have a great adventure together 🙂

Music: How You See The World No.2 (War Child) by Coldplay


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