Bazaar Ramadhan Kampung Sungai Penchala

Today I decided to go to one of the nearby Bazaar Ramadhan since I don’t know what to cook for Iftar this evening. The most famous bazaar around here would be at Kampung Sungai Penchala (Sg. Penchala village) and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI). I’ve never been to both so but I expect they have pretty much same dishes like every other bazaar Ramadhan in Klang Valley. My goal is to find some yummy “murtabak” (pan fried bread stuffed with onions and chickens or meat, served with curry), and “ayam percik” (spicy marinated barbequed chicken on stick).

Bazaar Ramadhan Kpg Sg Penchala

Located at Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Bazaar Ramadhan Kampung Sungai Penchala is the nearest to my place, so I got there pretty early around 4.30pm, since they’re normally opened from 4pm. Yup, lucky for me most of the stalls have already opened although some were still preparing their dishes. It wasn’t that big (for me at least! with around 30-35 stalls altogether but lots of variety of dishes can be found here. Not many people were here yet as it was still early. I did my usual one-round ‘browsing’ first by walking through all the stalls and see what catches my appetite the most, and most importantly to find that murtabak and ayam percik. The smell from all those foods are pretty delicious, and I’m quite hungry….I started to mentally make a new list for my Iftar….

Rows of food stalls

Kuih Kasui & Apam

Sweet bean porridge & stuffed tofu


More local kuih!

Some drinks for the thirst

Kuih Genderam, love this!

Variety of grilled fishes with banana leaves, from famous Jalan Belamy in KL.

At least 3 stalls are selling drinks, 2 stalls selling murtabak, one selling fried satay (never tried it before), 3 stalls are selling ayam percik, one selling Sarawak honey black pepper chickens, one selling cakes and mini-pizzas, few more are selling dishes for white rice, some selling tomatoes rice, chicken rices, fried rices, one selling those fried hotdogs and meatballs on sticks, one selling grilled chickens, and some are selling local delicacies and cuisines. Not sure which stall is the most famous here since there’s still not many people around.

On the second round of browsing, I started my purchase with some local delicacies or “kuih”. Nowadays, all those delicacies no matter what sizes cost at 40 cents per piece. I bought around RM3.80 for those delicacies alone…

Those local delicacies I bought

Then I went for my ‘main dishes’, choosing the murtabak and ayam percik. The murtabak stuffed with meat cost me RM2.50 a piece, while the ayam percik is at RM3.50 per stick. Then a stick of “sata” (minced chicken with coconut, grilled on stick), a well-known dish from East Malaysia, price at RM2 per stick for 3 satas…I also ended up buying a pack of “kuih genderam” too which cost me RM5 per pack! a pack of honey sugar cane drink at RM4, and a grilled mackarel at RM5.

Sata (left), grilled mackerel (middle), ayam percik (right)

Meat murtabak

A pack of kuih genderam, this one can last for a few days

Honey sugar cane drink

My Iftar meal for the day!

Hermmm….total amount RM25.80, this is way more than I spent cooking at home for one evening meal or spent eating out in a nice restaurant! 😀 But I’m content with all my purchases as I’m quite hungry and my main purpose is actually to write about it here in my blog 🙂

*Note to self – never, ever, buy any food when in hunger! 😛

I’m not gonna rate this bazaar as I don’t frequent one much, but if you’re in Damansara area and looking for a quick fix of Iftar meals then this is the place to go, if you don’t mind the overprice costs of some dishes. The taste of that ayam percik is superb, but the murtabak is just so-so it might as well be an egg and onions murtabak instead of meat murtabak. The kuih genderam is a bit hard, not to my liking while the sata is a bit undercook I had to grill it again at home.

How to get there? If you’re from KL, take the Penchala Link, and take ramp left to Sungai Penchala after Mont Kiara Plaza Toll and the tunnel, turn right at the traffic light – that is Jalan Datuk Sulaiman. From there you can see a lot of cars parking at the roadside, the bazaar is on your right.

If you’re coming from Petaling Jaya or Kepong/Sg Buloh, take the Penchala Link, around 1km you’ll see the exit to Sungai Penchala on your left, the bazaar is on the left at the traffic light. You can check the location with Google Maps here too.

Okay it’s time to finally rest for the day, and pardon my grammar, I know it’s not good but English is not my first language, and the days for my teachers to grade me on my English are sooo over 😀

Have a good day everyone!


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  1. globalanni says:

    Thanks! I am going to check out the TTDI market!!! PS… Your English grammar is way better than my Bahasa! 🙂

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