Mafia Wars – I’m Giving Out Items, Miscrits??

It’s been a long time since I updated my Mafia Wars game here. Well, I haven’t been playing this game much last year so basically I’m very slow at leveling up, still at level 591 today, where as most of my clan members are past level 1000 already. Another game that I still play is of course Castle Age, but yeah, still at level 328. Leveling up in Castle Age is just so dang hard! 😛

Well, what I actually wanna do here is to give away some of my unwanted, unused, inactive stuffs in my Mafia Wars Inventory to those lower level or new MW players out there. Send me a friend request with a private message “Help me out with some MW gifts“. I will send out whatever I have, or can to help then. Or you can ask me what item you want so I can check it out in my inventory. It’s all for free, just need your help in clicking on my MW post whenever you see them 😀

My inactive inventory items

Another game that I’ve started playing is Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom. It’s fun, it’s cute, just like catching Pokemon, but you’re catching little miscrits, fight them out and have them level out, and evolve them when they get bigger. You can battle with your friends, or with other Miscrit players in the Battle Arena, have adventurs in different surrounding or travel to the Volcano Island while searching for those rare miscrits. I leveled up to level 40 in just 2 days! It’s really fun as every new miscrit you catches you will get to a new level, same with when you evolves the miscrits. Try it if you don’t yet 😉 and don’t forget to send me Teammates Request! 😀

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom – My House!

So have fun gamers and see ya round! 🙂


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